The 5 best places to buy original artwork on the internet

1). Etsy

 It's a great place to find art of all types but generally not for serious art collectors. I have looked for original art there and quite frankly speaking was simply overwhelmed. It started out as a place where you could get vintage handmade items but now there are so many artist or so called artists on Etsy I find it now extremely difficult to find something original. It is the most popular place on the internet so that's why I have listed it as number 1.

2). Saatchi

They are similar to Etsy in many ways but Saatchi is more about the "emerging" artists. They carry paintings, photography, drawings, sculptures and prints to name their top categories.they sell direct from the artist who are mostly not represented by galleries. As an artist you are allowed to keep 70% of the profits.

3). Artsy

Artsy is a great place to browse for art while siting comfortably at home. they do have some lower priced artworks but you will need to search for them. They are not what you are presented with when doing simple searches. Artsy is like venturing into a world wide art fair.


I like the store because it a place to go when you need the perfect piece to match your room decor. When you are not really looking for a ture artist but for a color coordinated matching print or painting that accents your room. they have many nice framed works and full sized paintings that look great over a living room sofa.

5). Purchase Original Ceramics

Last but not least an online store for handmade original wall decor. They do not sell Pablo Picasso Madoura Ceramics but does sell all original ceramic artworks. The artist makes all the ceramics and specializes in a few but growing categories like ceramic plates, wall art, bathroom wall decor and original items for the kitchen. Great place for original wall decor direct from the artist.

6). Artforsaleoriginal paintings, abstract art and Impressionism in a very pleasing form from an unusual artist, Jackson, whose art is been on the Internet since 1998. If ever there was an Internet artist, it's Jackson. Modern Impressionism is a phrase for the Internet and one wonders if it has any meaning except in the search box. This site seems to argue that fame is not important for art, just talent and outsider artist are unknown, simply unknown. Art comes from inside the artist in the interpretation and value of the art comes from inside the viewer and the owner or curator which are the same thing.


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